Wednesday 10 January 2018
14.15—15.45 Machine Space (31mins, Stephen Connolly)
Film Poems (12mins, Susannah Ramsay)
Electroacoustic (20mins, Nick Cope)
16.00—17.30 Taniel (20mins, Yael Friedman)
The Schizophrenic State Project (20mins, Guli Silberstein)
War Memorial (27mins, Steve Hawley)
18.00—19.00 Chisel Happy – The Pedagogy of Production: Peer-power, process and pitfalls
Film Screening plus Q&A with Jenn Feray (University of Portsmouth)
Thursday 11 January 2018
10.00—11.30 The Schizophrenic State Project (20mins, Guli Silberstein)
War Memorial (27mins, Steve Hawley)
Machine Space (31mins, Stephen Connolly)
12.00—13.00 Filmmaking in the Academy
A screening presented by the Filmmaking Research Network (FRN).The following films have been selected from the FRN register of films, a database of films produced within universities in the UK and Australia.

  • Woman with an Editing Bench (15’, 2016)
    Karen Pearlman (Macquarie University, Australia)
  • Shock of the Muse (9’, 2016)
    Inga Burrows (University of South Wales, UK)
  • Muddskipping (11’, 2016)
    Phoebe Hart and Joe Carter (Queensland University of Technology, Australia)
  • The Crossing (14’, 2016/17)
    Shreepali Patel (Anglia Ruskin, UK)
  • The Q (7’, 2015)
    Leo Berkeley (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia)
14.30—16.00 Sanctuary (90mins, Len Collin)
18.15—19.15 Terry
Film Screening plus Q&A with Catalin Brylla (University of West London)
Friday 12 January 2018
09.00—10.30 Asunder (90mins, Esther Johnson)
11.00—12.30 The Acting Class
Film Screening plus Q&A with Deirdre O’Neill and Mike Wayne (Brunel University)
13.30—15.00 Electroacoustic (20mins, Nick Cope)
Taniel (20mins, Yael Friedman)
Film Poems (12mins, Susannah Ramsay)
Throughout the Conference
K121 Kino Karaoke
This new interactive installation by Patrick Tarrant (LSBU) is running throughout the conference in room K121. Choose your 16mm film, spin the reel and project phantasmagoric perversions onto the big screen.