Roundtable 1: Politics and Comedy
(Wednesday 10 January)

Comedians, comedy writers and academic analysts will discuss the disconnect between ‘orthodox’ left-wing comedy rhetoric against the voting behaviour of the country and ask why there isn’t a more even spread of comedians across the political spectrum.

Chair: Ben Mallaby (LSBU)


Following the panel, the Comedy Night will be compered by Jessica Fostekew, with sets from Erich McElroy and Leo Kerse.


Roundtable 2: Public Service News Futures
(Thursday 11 January)

This panel will consider the future of public service media in an age of technological innovation, audience creativity, experimentation and disruption. It will discuss emergent areas of public service news provision, including mobile news, newsgames, VR and augmented reality, and reflect on the new working practices and editorial policies that are developing alongside these novel forms.

Chair: Prof Lizzie Jackson (LSBU)


  • Dr Michal Glowacki, University of Warsaw
  • Elonka Soros, Creative Diversity Consultant
  • Andrew Cochran, Consultant and ex-head of strategy and transformation for CBC News



Roundtable 3:  Immaterial and ‘Wasteful’ Artistic Labour
(Thursday 11 January)

This panel will examine the proximity between artistic work and other modes of (re)productive labour today, in order to explore contradictions of artistic precarity. The panel will also explore the potential for agency in a constant loop of devaluing ‘(artistic) labour’ and overvaluing ‘(creative) work’. The panel will particularly reflect on feminist theories of (re)production and how they inform feminist activist and media artists.

Chair: Dr Elena Marchevska (LSBU)


  • Prof Katja Praznik, SUNY Buffalo
  • Dr Ana Vilenica, Marie Curie Fellow, LSBU
  • Vanessa Janekovic-Vasic, Independent Scholar