Guidelines for speakers and chairs

Information for speakers

The main conference venue is the Keyworth Centre, London South Bank University, Keyworth Street, SE1 6LN. Maps and travel advice can be found here:, and you can download a pdf map of the campus here:

All rooms for the presentations have an internet-connected PC and standard AV equipment. Practice films will be shown in the separate screening programme which we’ll be circulating shortly.

Practicalities for presenting
Our strong preference would be for you to bring your presentation on a memory stick and use the PC already connected in each room. Please give yourself time to upload the presentation before your session. Connecting laptops can take up precious time, but if you can only use a Mac, please make sure you bring any required adaptors. As mentioned, we would strongly advise you to download any presentation material onto a memory stick instead.

Length of presentations
Please check the programme to see how many speakers are in your session. Each panel session is 1.5hrs. Where there are 3 speakers, you can time your presentation for 20 minutes; if 4 speakers, time it for 15 minutes.

Information for chairs

How you chair your session is ultimately up to you, but we would advise you to:

1) ask the speakers which running order they prefer — it doesn’t have to follow the programme;

2) maintain strict time-keeping (as per the speakers’ guidelines above) in order to allow time for discussion;

3) take all the papers, followed by Q&A (rather than pausing after each paper, which makes it more difficult to stick to time)

4) take a few points/questions from the floor and then return to the panel for responses, and repeat this process until time runs out, finishing with final thoughts from the panel.

There will be student helpers in the room to assist with any technical or other difficulties.

If you have any queries, please email