The 2018 Annual MeCCSA Conference was hosted from 10—12 January 2018 by the School of Arts & Creative Industries, London South Bank University.  Thank you to all participants for making this event a success!

The MeCCSA2019 conference will be hosted by the University of Stirling on 9—11 January 2019. Contact meccsa2019@stir.ac.uk for further information.

The theme of the MeCCSA 2018 conference was Creativity and Agency. ‘Creativity’ is a concept that is, at least implicitly, central to many courses in our subject area, which often entail analysis of ‘creative industries’ and include elements of ‘creative practice’ as part of the curriculum. Yet it remains a highly contested concept, from the official promotion of the ‘creative economy’ through to more recent debates about the commodification of everyday ‘creative labour’ via social media. How has the concept developed in the twenty-first century? How should we interpret today’s creative landscape?

We received scholarly papers, panels and practice contributions across the full range of interests represented by MeCCSA and its networks through our call for papers.

Keynote speakers were:

  • Prof. David Gauntlett (University of Westminster) – click to watch on YouTube
  • Prof. Anita Biressi (University of Roehampton)
  • Prof. Andy Miah (University of Salford)
  • Prof. Dinah Birch, the new chair of Main Panel D (Arts & Humanities) for REF2021, will be giving a talk at the MeCCSA AGM.

The conference is the annual presentation of the best work across the whole range of MeCCSA interests, and is also an opportunity to hear about and discuss important topics in both media and HE policy relevant to MeCCSA members.

Email enquiries: meccsa2018@gmail.com.

Twitter: @MeCCSA2018

About MeCCSA
MeCCSA is the subject association for the field of media, communication and cultural studies in UK Higher Education. The field encompasses the study of audio-visual and print media including film and TV; journalism; radio; photography; creative writing; publishing; interactive media and the web. The field also includes higher education for media practice and practice research – film and TV production, journalism practice, and the use of new, digital information technologies in the arts, entertainment, social media and gaming. For further information please see: http://www.meccsa.org.uk/